Contemporary Oriental: Spring Festival stalls near film and television stocks are receiving attention

2020/01/03 14:21:22 Source: Yimeng 2020/01/03 14:21:22

The specific content of the event: As the Spring Festival stalls where soldiers must compete, this year's competition has become more intense. At present, only the official announcement of the release of the New Year's Day has nine masterpieces, namely "Chinese Women's Volleyball Team", "Detective Chinatown 3", "Aunt", "Ginger Ya", "Emergency Rescue", The number of "Pioneer", "Big Red Envelope", "Golden Toad" and "Wild Continent of Bear Infested" are the highest in recent years.

The left hand of the company reinforces the construction of content investment channels, and the right hand lays out new media, short video, mobile Internet, and music. At present, the company's main business covers TV series, movies, variety shows, theater operations, and advertising.

Secondary market trend: The stock is rising strongly today, and the market outlook is expected to continue to rise.

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