Short-term operation skills of stock knowledge

2020/01/02 08:48:36 Source: Yimeng 2020/01/02 08:48:36

Short-term psychology

1. Set the stop loss. Never do it in a short-term.

2. If there is a misjudgment, once the 5-day moving average of the stock goes flat and loses its ability to attack upwards, it must withdraw.

3, the amount can be reduced, resolutely play.

Short-term stock selection conditions (the more the following conditions are met, the higher the success rate)

1. Select stocks with good news and stir fry

2. High volume and high turnover rate

3. K-line: K-line is at the bottom of W, V-bottom, and the shape of descending deflection; daily K-line and weekly K-line are at short-term lows

4. Moving averages: Short-term operations generally refer to the three moving averages on the 5th, 10th, and 30th. The five-day moving average crosses the ten-day and thirty-day moving average. The ten-day moving average crosses the thirty-day moving average. It is called the golden fork and is the time to buy; otherwise, it is called the dead fork and the time to sell. The three moving averages are all called upwards, which is the performance of strong stocks. The stock price shrinks back to the 5th, 10th, and 30th moving averages to buy time (note that it must be a drawdown). Exactly which moving average should be drawn back should be bought depending on the individual stocks and the broader market; the three moving averages are all downwardly called short positions, which is a weak performance. Should not be involved.

5. Daily chart: a sudden increase in quantity in a short time.

6. Chip distribution: The concentration of chips is high, and the current stock price only deviates slightly from the chip concentration band.

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