Xinhualian Reply to Inquiry Letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange: Finance Company Deposit Account Status Is Normal

2019/12/31 15:23:44 Source: China Securities Journal CSI 2019/12/31 15:23:44

In the afternoon of December 31, CSI Xinhualian ( 000620 ) Reply to the inquiry letter from Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The announcement shows that as of December 24, 2019, the company Xinhualian The financial company's deposit balance was 202 million yuan, which accounted for 18.83% of the deposit balance absorbed by the financial company. Xinhualian Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Xinhualian The upper limit of the proportion of deposits in the Risk Disposal Plan for Holding Group Financial Co., Ltd.'s Development of Deposit and Other Financial Businesses is 30%. Company deposited in Xinhualian The deposit type of the finance company is demand deposit, and the deposit interest rate is 50% higher than the benchmark deposit interest rate for the same period announced by the People's Bank of China. The company is currently Xinhualian The financial company's deposit account status is normal, and there are no restrictions on rights such as mortgage, pledge, and freeze. The announcement shows that as of December 24, 2019, the company Xinhualian Finance company's loan balance of 150 million yuan, accounting for Xinhualian Finance company's total loan of 2.61%, loan interest rate of 6.5%, lower than the company's comprehensive financing costs; at the same time, the company to Xinhualian Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. and Xinhualian The balance of loans of related parties including International Investment Co., Ltd. and other related parties totaled 269 million yuan; the company owed a total of 419 million yuan to the controlling shareholder and related parties. . For controlling shareholders Xinhualian As for the proportion of shares held by the holding company reached 97.7%, Xinhualian In response, the controlling shareholder stated that the company is operating normally and has not been affected by the financial company incident. There is no liquidity risk for the time being. It is actively coordinating and raising funds to resolve the above financial company incident. Hongda shares 9.62% of the shares have been frozen; although the controlling shareholder is currently in a tight financial position, he has actively initiated the introduction of war investment and slimming reduction plans, selling part of his investment shares and bank equity to withdraw funds. Regarding the former chairman and president Su Bo's assistance in the investigation, the announcement showed that the former chairman and president Su Bo was assisted in the investigation. It was purely a personal issue, did not involve the company level, and would not affect the company's production and operation and finance. The company has a sound Internal control system, perfect governance structure and independent and complete operating organization. The business of each segment of the company is carried out independently and independently under the leadership of the management of the listed company in the form of branches and subsidiaries. The business system is independent, complete, and operating normally, and does not depend on a certain personal. After the incident, the company's board of directors took immediate measures against Su Bo's inability to perform his duties and convened the board of directors urgently, removing his chairmanship, re-election of directors and re-appointment of president to ensure the normal operation of the company. At present, the company's management and workforce are stable, various businesses are operating normally, and operating activities continue.

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