"Hyaluronic acid" concept stocks continue to strengthen, industry is expected to continue high compound growth rate

2019/12/31 15:23:35 Source: China Securities Journal CSI 2019/12/31 15:23:35

CSI Online News December 31, Shandong Business Development ( 600223 ) Again the daily limit, achieved 3 daily limits in the last 4 trading days. Previously, Shandong Business Development It is announced that it intends to acquire 60.11% equity of Focus Bio for 258 million yuan to enter the hyaluronic acid (commonly known as "hyaluronic acid") industry.

The Frost & Sullivan Survey Report (referred to as the "Report") shows that in the next five years, the global hyaluronic acid raw material market is expected to maintain a high compound growth rate of 18.1%, and the market sales will reach 1150 tons in 2023. Expected to continue high growth rates.

An institution The reporter combed and found that Shandong Business Development outer, Huaxi Bio ( 688363 ), Hao Haisheng Branch ( 688366 ) Same hyaluronic acid industry.

In terms of market share, the Report states that Huaxi Bio It is the world's largest hyaluronic acid production and sales company. In 2018, the global sales volume of hyaluronic acid raw materials accounted for 36%, Focus Bio ranked second with 12% market share, and Fufeng Bio ranked third with 10% market share. .

In terms of profitability, Focus Bio's operating income in 2018 was about 116 million yuan, and net profit attributable to its mother was about 28.56 million yuan. Hao Haisheng Branch In the first three quarters of 2019, operating income was 1.145 billion yuan, and net profit attributable to mothers was 251 million yuan. Huaxi Bio In the first three quarters of 2019, operating income was 1.288 billion yuan, and non-net profit attributable to mothers was 413 million yuan.

In terms of technology, focus organisms, Hao Haisheng Branch , Huaxi Bio They are all enterprises with both R & D technology and capabilities in the production of hyaluronic acid raw materials. among them, Huaxi Bio The yield of hyaluronic acid fermentation reaches 10g / L-13g / L. The levels of impurities such as nucleic acids and endotoxins, which measure the quality of hyaluronic acid, are 1/50 and 1/20 of the European Pharmacopoeia international standards, respectively, reaching the international advanced level.

In terms of production capacity, the focal bio-cosmetic and food-grade hyaluronic acid currently has a production capacity of 120 tons / year. In 2019, a new cosmetic-grade hyaluronic acid production line (capacity of 300 tons / year) was invested. . Huaxi Bio In 2018, the output of hyaluronic acid was nearly 180 tons. With the trial production of the second hyaluronic acid raw material production line in the second plant of Jinan R & D and production base, the production capacity at the end of 2019 should be about 350 tons / year.

In terms of industrial chain, the raw materials of hyaluronic acid produced by Focus Bio are mainly cosmetic grade and food grade. Huaxi Bio The production of hyaluronic acid products includes pharmaceutical grade, food grade, cosmetic grade, etc., and it is the only company in China that has the approval number for the production of sodium hyaluronate raw materials and pharmaceutical excipients by fermentation. Hao Haisheng Branch 'S main business is concentrated in the lower reaches of the hyaluronic acid industry chain.

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