Rongtong International won the "One-year Overseas Taurus Private Equity Management Company (Bond Strategy)" Award

2019/12/31 14:58:11 Source: China Securities Journal CSI 2019/12/31 14:58:11

CSI Online News December 26, 2019, An institution The selection of the "Third China Overseas Fund Golden Bull Award" was released, and Rongtong International won the "One-year Overseas Taurus Private Equity Management Company (Bond Strategy)" Award.

Rongtong International is a wholly-owned overseas subsidiary of Rongtong Fund. It was incorporated in Hong Kong, China in May 2013. The main business of Rongtong International is to manage funds, special account investment management services, investment consultants, etc., and has established a diversified product line, covering dozens of different strategies such as overseas stocks, overseas fixed income, FoF / MoM strategies, institutional customized solutions, etc. The product. As of the end of November 2019, Rongtong's international management scale was equivalent to approximately RMB 17.9 billion.

In recent years, facing the complex and volatile investment environment, Rongtong International's fixed income products have maintained stable returns, and have always been at the leading level among similar products. It is worth mentioning that the Rongtong International Solid Income team is also leading the industry in investment and research of Chinese-funded US dollar bonds. Based on this, it is equipped with sufficient investment and research resources to expand its investment research capabilities to European and American markets and the entire emerging market.

The acquisition of international solid income performance is inseparable from a comprehensive investment research system and a mature investment philosophy. It is understood that there are a total of 25 investment and research personnel, including the Rongtong Fund fixed income team. The investment team has an average of more than 7 years of experience in the industry, including the experience of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, large commercial banks, insurance companies, and domestic and overseas fund companies. Investment researchers are good at macro research and judgment, or good at trend analysis. There are investment veterans, middle-level backbones, and new generations, and team members have complementary advantages. Such "high-match" teams are rare in similar institutions in Hong Kong. With excellent investment performance, Rongtong International's fixed income funds have been favored by many institutional clients including central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and overseas family offices.

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