Hangjin Technology: Subsidiary Signs Major Order for FPGA Chips

2019/12/31 14:45:28 Source: Yimeng2019 / 12/31 14:45:28

The specific content of the event: Hangjin Technology announced after the market on December 26 that the company ’s wholly-owned subsidiary Changsha Shaoguang independently developed a field programmable logic gate array (FPGA) chip from China ’s X Group A Research Institute on December 26. Purchase order, the order amount is 28.325 million yuan.

The company is located in the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, and its industry is classified as basic chemical raw material manufacturing. From the operating model, our company is a "production-sale" enterprise. Its products include caustic soda, liquid chlorine, chlorinated benzene, propylene oxide, polyether, and polyvinyl chloride. It has formed caustic soda and epoxy Large-scale industrial production pattern mainly based on the three major introductions of propane and polyether. The main sales targets include chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, polyurethane, construction and other downstream product manufacturers, and the products are widely used.

Secondary market trend: The stock is rising strongly today, and the market outlook is expected to continue to rise.

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