Electro-acoustic shares: Internet celebrity economy receives market attention Electro-acoustic shares daily limit

2019/12/31 14:34:45 Source: Yimeng2019 / 12/31 14:34:45

The specific content of the event: the rapid development of the Internet celebrity economy, with the dual blessings of fan traffic and e-commerce, a large number of Internet celebrities have made money that ordinary people can't make in their lifetimes. According to public data, as of now, Li Jiaqi, a "brother with goods", earned 200 million yuan in 2019, while Li Ziyi, who has been around the world before, earned 160 million yuan in 2019, and other well-known online celebrities will naturally not be less. Net red economy has attracted market attention.

The company is a leading domestic experience marketing integrated service provider. Its main business is the planning, execution, monitoring and feedback services of interactive display, retail terminal management, brand communication and other marketing activities.

Secondary market trend: The stock is rising strongly today, and the market outlook is expected to continue to rise.

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