Guao Technology: Central Bank strengthens financial technology supervision

2019/12/31 14:30:54 Source: Yimeng2019 / 12/31 14:30:54

Specific content of the event: A few days ago, a meeting of the People's Bank of China's Fintech Committee was held in Beijing. The meeting emphasized that fintech supervision should be strengthened in 2020, and a series of fintech supervision rules such as personal financial information protection and blockchain should be introduced to play the role of standard rules and testing and certification, and build industry supervision, social supervision, association self-discipline, and institutional autonomy. "Four Lines of Defense" in Fintech Innovation Management. The organization believes that the financial technology industry has superposed the financial industry's strict control of risks and the need for innovative application of emerging IT technologies, and the development of the industry is highly relevant to policy promotion. The financial IT leader has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, and has a comprehensive and comprehensive product line, which has established the ability to customize solutions. The strong investment in technology also helps to consolidate the industry's card slot advantage, and has a competitive advantage and scarcity in the wave of financial technology development.

The company is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of financial equipment. It is a professional service provider in China's financial equipment industry. The company's products include financial equipment such as point detectors, banknote sorters, tie-bar machines, point-and-tie integrated machines, banknote binding machines, self-service counters and other financial equipment. Its product technology is in a leading position in the industry.

Secondary market trend: The stock is rising strongly today, and the market outlook is expected to continue to rise.

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