Brokerage stocks detonate the end of the year and the New Year's Eve red envelope market is coming!

2019/12/31 09:13:59 Source: Chongqing Commercial Daily 2019/12/31 09:13:59

On the first trading day of the week, A shares opened lower and higher, and major stock indexes closed modestly. The Shanghai Index recovered at 3,000 points and recorded an increase of more than 1% in synchronization with the Shenzhen Stock Index. The industry believes that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has short-term replenishment of the 3052-point monthly line gap without any suspense, and the New Year's red envelope market can focus on resource blue chips and agricultural stocks.

The market trend is extremely strong

On the same day, the Shanghai Composite Index opened below 3000 points and closed at 2998.17 points. In the early trading, the Shanghai Index started to fluctuate and rebounded after reaching 2983.34 points. After returning to 3000 points, it continued to rise to the red disk. At the end of the day, it closed at 3040.02 points close to the highest point of the day, up 34.98 points or 1.16% from the previous trading day. Qian Kun's investment analysis believes that the market ’s trend was exceptionally strong yesterday. In the early morning, it shot fiercely, opened low and walked away. There was no stable process to allow off-market funds to enter comfortably. It was pulled up quickly and quickly. Indicate short power failure.

The stock index maintains a high level in the afternoon, refuses to adjust it in depth, and does not give investors who leave the market on Friday and early trading the opportunity to re-enter the car. Directly going short is the biggest risk in the big market. After the perfect washing, start a new market.

Yesterday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index closed at 10365.96 points, up 132.19 points, or 1.29%. The GEM index rose 1.28% to 1792.24 points, and the performance of the small and medium-sized board index was slightly weaker, up 1.07%, to close at 6570.22 points.

Sector brokerage trusts strengthen overall

Statistics show that the number of stocks in the two cities was 2284: 1307 on the same day. There were 47 non-ST stocks with daily limit, 85 stocks with a rise of more than 5%, 13 non-ST stocks with daily limit, and 67 stocks with a decline of more than 5%.

From the perspective of the disk, the overall adjustment of science and technology subjects continued to be adjusted, but the adjustment was narrowed, and the local technology subdivisions were warmed up. In addition to the significant financial power, the liquor sector and super brands performed strongly. Brokerage trusts as a whole strengthened. Within the sector, Founder Securities, China Investment Capital, and CITIC Securities had daily limits. Dongxing Securities, CITIC Construction Investment, and China Merchants Securities all rose. CPIC, Xinhua Insurance, China Life, Xishui, PICC and Ping An of the insurance industry all strengthened.

In terms of funds, there was a continued net inflow of funds from the north, with a net inflow of 2.49 billion in Shanghai Stock Connect and a net inflow of 4.07 billion in Shenzhen Stock Connect.

Grasp the two main lines in the market

The industry believes that such an unexpected trend in the index yesterday was entirely due to the contribution of financial weight represented by securities firms. The revision of the securities law over the weekend set the registration system more than expected, and the market responded positively with a "voting" method. This formed a sharp contrast to the market's market crash last Friday, indicating that the rebound was far from over, and the New Year's red envelope market continued. Expand.

The state attaches unprecedented importance to the reform and development of the capital market, and promotes the registration system. The purpose is to establish a sound basic system for the medium and long-term development of the stock market. At the same time, it will support relevant policies for the system and expand the two-way market development. From the previous Shanghai Stock Connect and Hong Kong Stock Connect to MSCI expansion, FTSE Russell expansion, etc. introduced medium and long-term funds. Both the "pool" and "source water" have been built. I believe that the stock market in the future will be more robust. Therefore, short-term shocks are normal, and the future is the direction.

For the market outlook, the overall structural market will still be the main theme. Investors are advised to persist in preparations for both hands and large-cap stocks to hold positions, and actively allocate opportunities for high-performance small and medium-cap markets. The two main lines seized and let go, leaning towards the layout of the new energy vehicle industry chain. On the subject, it is recommended to focus on hot topics such as venture capital concepts, securities firms, lithium batteries, Tesla, and webcasting in the short term.

Plate red envelope

Securities market warming trend can strengthen and continue to pay attention

The securities sector should attach great importance to this market. Brokers are the vane of the market. Capital has a keen sense of smell. The changes in the securities sector are an early reaction to the market outlook. Recently, the securities firm sector has continued to strengthen. Nanjing Securities has set a benchmark for listed companies. The market is heating up. The strength of the securities firm sector may continue, and investors continue to pay attention.

Don't rush out of the building material stock repair

At present, the stocks with low price-earnings ratios gradually gain the upper hand, and the infrastructure, coal, steel and other sectors have started to take turns. Infrastructure construction efforts have increased the driving force for the building materials industry. The valuation of the building materials sector is in a low-lying position on the market. The downside space is small, and the opportunity is significantly greater than the risk. It has sufficient attraction for new capital. field.

Long-term insurance varieties can be patiently held

The insurance sector moved steadily yesterday. The main business of insurance companies is in the process of stable growth. This year, insurance companies have repeatedly listed to buy equity in listed companies. By virtue of capital cost advantages, they have absorbed high-quality assets on dips, which can achieve asset appreciation and improve performance. Long-term varieties can be patiently held.

Institutional perspective

Policy support, actively holding shares for the holidays

Regarding the current market, Rongwei Securities analysis, the stock index has broken out and rebounded, showing that there is strong traffic support near 2980 points, the brokerage sector has played the role of a mainstay, the volume has increased, driving popularity, and the recent high Sectors and individual stocks have fallen and should be avoided. Short-term stock indexes still have rising requirements. Breaking through 3050 points still depends on whether the trading volume can be effectively enlarged. Operational attention should be focused on the opportunities for securities companies and annual reports to significantly increase stock opportunities. .

Actively grasp the spring market

CITIC Construction Investment stated that the policy continued to support and actively held shares for the holidays. We still maintain a narrow range of fluctuations in our annual strategy and a gradual increase. We will continue to support the policy before the Spring Festival in January 2020. The reform will continue to advance and the inflection point for corporate profits will be established. We are optimistic about the market situation in January 2020 and recommend investors to hold shares for the holidays. We recommend that investors lay out counter-cyclical adjustments in the cycle sector, including real estate and infrastructure, and recommend that investors continue to hold securities firms and actively grasp the spring market.

Shenyin Wanguo proposed that the spring market is a "two-stage theory": the first stage is driven by a warming policy environment and loose liquidity, and science and technology advance first; the second stage is driven by optimistic expectations and "procyclical" not to be left behind. Currently in the transitional period of two segments of the market, the spread of the money-making effect has been hindered, and we will recharge and start. Our outlook for the spring 2020 market has always maintained the “two-wheel drive” mentality. On the one hand, the high growth of science and technology in 2020 is the consensus expectation. We can use the reform expectations to increase + the stock market liquidity improves, and perform ahead of time in the spring market; the other side It is a "pro-cyclical" with low valuation and high dividends. It is relatively cost-effective. It can use 2020Q1 to steadily increase its growth. Economic data has really improved. Valuation repair in the spring market.

Market may experience quarterly general rise

However, New Times Securities believes that due to the slightly higher valuations of some sectors, although many investors are optimistic about 2020, they firmly believe that there is only a structural market. We believe that even if 2020 is a slow bull, the range of this slow bull will be higher than 2016. -In 2017, it will be wider and it is also possible for the market to experience quarter-level general rise. In the short term, we believe that the A-share index hub will rise once in the recent 1-2 quarters. The high probability here is not a small level of restlessness. It is recommended that investors actively participate in the active layout and more economically relevant sectors. As for whether the market is slow or fast, we will wait until the second quarter of 2020 to make a clear judgment.

(Article source: Chongqing Commercial Daily)

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