Rongwei Securities Liu Sishan: The Shanghai stock index fell slightly and returned to the box shock

2019/11/06 16:55:12 Source: Rong Wei Securities 2019/11/06 16:55:12

After the two cities opened slightly higher today, the stock market fluctuated weakly, the stock index fell unilaterally, the weight plate sector performed weakly, the lithium battery sector continued to be hot, the North and South Ships, Tesla and other sectors performed strongly, and the pork, ETC, and semiconductor sectors weakened. Stock indexes are closed with a Yin line. On the whole, market sentiment is poor, subject matter hotspots are sluggish across the board, the effect of making money is poor, and trading volume is shrinking. As of the close of trading, the Shanghai Composite Index was at 2978.6 points, down 0.43%, and the Shenzhen Component Index was at 9,986.97 points, down 0.78%; the Pioneering Index was at 1703.02 points, down 0.6%.

From the perspective of the sector, the ship sector strengthened. Eight stocks in the sector all closed in red. Among them, Jianglong's daily limit was closed. In the aviation sector, 21 stocks were closed in red. Among them, triangle defense and AVIC aircraft daily limit. The steel sector changed. Zhenjiang shares close to the daily limit closing; Tesla concept stocks are active, its Chinese Can shares are up, Shi Dashenghua is up 5.09%, and Dangsheng Technology is up 4.07%; the software sector is heavily differentiated, 31 stocks and 20 stocks are closed, but at the same time they have digital currency The Quartet created a daily limit.

Technically, the Shanghai Index still maintains a strong characteristic. Although the index closed today, it still closed above the 5-day moving average. The structure of the K-line is still box consolidation. The short-term and medium-term moving averages have good support effects. Even if the index has a short-term adjustment, This is a normal trend.

Based on comprehensive judgments, the market is under short-term pressure. Although there are favorable blessings from the central bank to reduce interest rates and MSCI's expansion of A shares, investor enthusiasm is not high. The index trend reflects investors' cautious attitude. It is estimated that the broad market adjustment will continue for some time. The box shock will still be maintained. Investors are advised to pay attention to large consumption, information technology concept stocks, and high-performing blue-chip varieties with good growth.

(Article source: Rongwei Securities)

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