Hexin Investment Consulting: Since November, the index has won Sanlianyang to seize a new round of long windows

2019/11/05 16:40:52 Source: Hexin Investment Consulting2019 / 11/05 16:40:52

[Pan view]

On Tuesday, the stock index surged forward, once surpassing the 3,000-point mark. The overall performance of the financial force sector was strong, and some high-performance technology stocks also performed strongly, and the index fell back in the end. On the whole, the market environment is warmer, investment enthusiasm has picked up, and the bulls have opened a new long window. On the list of gains, wood furniture, securities trusts, banks, insurance, diversified finance and other industries led the increase; on the list of declines, international trade, shipbuilding, environmental protection engineering, jewelry, glass ceramics and other industries led the decline. In terms of concept stocks, e-cigarettes, wireless headsets, chicken concepts, glyphosate, and online travel saw the largest gains. In terms of capital, Kitakami's capital has a net inflow for 9 consecutive days, and today it has a net inflow of 6.2 billion. Technically, the daily technical pattern of the Shanghai Stock Index rose for three consecutive days, and the short-term moving averages are in long positions. The KDJ indicator continues to diverge upwards and the MACD crosses above the zero axis. The short-term stock index still has the potential for further rebound.

[In terms of plates]

Wood industry furniture sector strengthened, Zhibang furniture daily limit, Haolaike, Gujia furniture, gold cabinets, Diou furniture rose.

Brokerage trusts rose in strength, and the number one startup was the highest, with Guosheng Financial Holdings, Huaxin, CITIC Construction Investment, and China Investment Capital rising.

The volume of the banking sector increased, with the Bank of Qingdao, Changshu Bank, Everbright Bank, and Bank of Chengdu all rising.

The wireless headphone sector continued to strengthen. The new stock Jiahe Intelligent Daily Limits, Lixun Precision, Edifier, and Xinwanda all rose.

[Market Outlook]

In the outlook for the market outlook on Monday, it was emphasized that if the blue-chip market can maintain stability, Beijing Capital will continue to steadily raise funds in its favorite food consumption and white horse stocks. Under the profit-making effects of Huawei and 5G-related high-tech growth stocks, the stock index is expected to Up 3000 points. From the perspective of market performance, the market performance is much better than expected. The financial blue chips are stronger than expected, which has played a key role in pulling the index up to 3000 points. Some high-performance technology stocks still have a good upward trend, and some high-performance stocks in the home appliance sector have indeed performed well. Remarkable.

After entering November, the index won the third consecutive year, which has a direct relationship with MSCI's continued increase in the A-share allocation ratio this month. After all, new incremental funds after the expansion must choose to buy, and a new round of fund-raising battle will spawn new The money-making effect comes. At the same time, in the third quarter of 2019, the performance of A-share listed companies continued to improve. Whether it is high-tech growth stocks with continued prosperity or low valuations, strong financial blue chips and some consumer and white horse stocks, the performance is good enough, which will still be affected. Domestic and foreign investment continue to be long, so the short-term structural market will continue.

The index hits 3,000 points here. Kitakami Capital acts as a vanguard. The sustainability of the inflow of Kitakami capital is still accelerating, which is beneficial to the further rebound of the market. However, the unilateral strength of foreign capital alone is not sufficient. The single-financial financial blue chip is also insufficient. The market needs small and medium-sized companies. Stocks, especially the ChiNext, continue to make money, so the index can go further. It is recommended to pay attention to the small and medium-sized market, especially the GEM opportunities, and continue to attract low-tech blue chip and financial blue chip.

(Article source: Hexin Investment Consulting)

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