Yimeng Trader & Jinma Yingdi Chen Jianbin Signed a Contract

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Yimeng Trader & Jinma Yingdi Chen Jianbin Signed a Contract

新三国 一代枭雄 曹操, 是《一个勺子》里的老实农民“拉条子”,是《乔家大院》里的“二东家”乔致庸,是《中国式关系》里的干部马国梁 ,也是《无名之辈》里的“协警”马先勇,他用精湛多变的 演技去 细腻精准传达了每个角色的一生。 He is the eternal emperor Yongzheng in Zhen Zhenzhuan , a generation of heroic Cao Cao in the New Three Kingdoms , an honest peasant "pulling a sliver" in "One Spoon", and a "second family" in Qiao Family Courtyard, Qiao Zhiyong It is Ma Guoliang, the cadre in "Chinese-style Relationship", and Ma Xianyong, the "co-cop" in "Anonymous". He uses exquisite and varied acting skills to convey the life of each character delicately and accurately. 益盟操盘手全新形象大使——影帝陈建斌。 He is the new image ambassador of Yimeng Trader—Cinema Emperor Chen Jianbin.


"In this ceremony, Yimeng Trader officially signed the film and television superstar Chen Jianbin as its image ambassador. At the signing ceremony, Chen Jianbin said that he greatly appreciated Yimeng Trader's original intention of" providing valuable products and services for individual investors "for 17 years. Said that it is most assured to cooperate with such a spirited and righteous enterprise. "

市场部总经理赵华与陈建斌 顺利 签约 ( Zhao Hua, General Manager of Yimeng Stock Market Department and Chen Jianbin successfully signed the contract )


总经理赵华 表示: 选择品牌形象大使,最重要看两点:明星人设与品牌价值观是否匹配;以及品牌代言人是否能为目标人群赋能。 During the signing ceremony, Zhao Hua , general manager of Yimeng 's stock market department , said that when choosing a brand image ambassador, two important points depend on: whether the star design matches the brand values; and whether the brand spokesperson can empower the target group. 便 会浮现出 沉稳乐观 一身正气的 形象,作为公认的实力派演员如今已经成为最具影响力的 银幕人物之一,是能 为观众带来 真正好作品的演员 When Chen Jianbin is mentioned , a calm and optimistic , righteous image emerges in people's minds . As a recognized power actor, he has now become one of the most influential screen characters and is an actor who can bring really good works to the audience . 好与益盟股份一直坚持着“守正 敬业 开放 乐观”的企业文化不谋而合,多年来公司秉承 用户第一 的经营理念,以专业产品和服务为用户创造价值。 This coincides with Yimeng's corporate culture of "being honest, dedicated, open and optimistic". For many years, the company has adhered to the " customer first " business philosophy and created value for customers with professional products and services. 期待 此次的合作 把益盟操盘手 品牌 形象推至全新的高度,能够向更 多的用户 传达盈利体系的概念。 And look forward to this cooperation to promote the Yimeng Trader brand image to a new level, to be able to communicate the concept of profit system to more users .


(Zhao Hua and Chen Jianbin of Yimeng Group)


  益盟携手 陈建斌 With strength, integrity and future, Yimeng joins hands with Chen Jianbin

剧组拍戏时他是一名十分专注的演员, 敬业精神 不言而喻。 Chen Jianbin often feels stable. He was a very focused actor when filming the crew, and his professionalism is self-evident. 同样 也体现在 益盟公司 中, 多年来公司一直致力于为客户提供最好的服务 The words "dedication and dedication" are also reflected in Yimeng , which has been committed to providing the best service to customers for many years . 占股 20%;2017年,益盟获得“最受投资者欢迎的金融机构领军人物”称号等一系列重量级的荣誉;2018年,益盟重磅推出一款对用户真正有用的颠覆性产品——益盟操盘手智盈。 Because of this, the company can develop better and better: In 2015, Yimeng's trader was listed on the New Third Board, and Tencent was optimistic about its strength and prospects. The capital increase will maintain 20% of the shares ; in 2017, Yimeng won the "most popular among investors A series of heavyweight honours such as the title of "Leader of Financial Institutions"; In 2018, Yimeng launched a subversive product that is really useful to users-Yimeng Trader Zhiying. 股份 合作。 After in-depth understanding of Yimeng's shares, Chen Jianbin decisively decided to cooperate with Yimeng's shares . 三点: 有实力、有诚信、有未来。 Because in his opinion, Yimeng has the three most important points: strength, integrity and future.


Yimeng Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2002 with a corporate vision of "being a trusted investment consultant". The products are distributed on PC and mobile terminals, and are committed to improving user profitability. 不改初心。 For 17 years, it has insisted on providing valuable products and services to individual investors without changing its mind. Every iteration goes all out. In 2018, the founding team of Yimeng Co., Ltd. returned to the entrepreneurial stance, and started again after a battle. With a subversive big single product, it achieved a second take-off in the competition and made an integrated product that is truly valuable to users-Yimeng. Trader Zhiying.


属于自己的 盈利体系 Chen Jianbin believes that cooperating with such a soulful and righteous company, I also hope that this time we will work together so that investors of different levels can find a profit method that suits them, and help users truly build their own profit system.   .


Chen Jianbin: I like something special, whether it's a script or a product

Innovation and subversion are the soul of a good script and the core of a good product.

For the industry, there is no company or product in China that can integrate tools, education, investment consulting, and in-depth services, which is a complete subversion of traditional stock software. He is very pleased that he can popularize “unique” Zhiying, so that more investors can build their own “profit system” and become a qualified investor.

益盟股份赵华 与陈建斌进行了合影留念, 益盟操盘手 品牌 形象大使 签约仪式圆满完成。 At the end of the signing ceremony, Zhao Hua and Chen Jianbin of Yimeng Group took a group photo, and the signing ceremony of Yimeng Trader's brand image ambassador was successfully completed.

This time, Chen Jianbin's endorsement not only increased the popularity and reputation of Yimeng, but also promoted the core discourse of "building your profit system" with the support of his trust endorsement to achieve a popular effect. Through this cooperation opportunity with Chen Jianbin, it will be possible to gather more powerful forces, and then set out together to win a new future. 来更多的优质作品,也期待益盟操盘手更加璀璨的未来。 Let us look forward to the film emperor Chen Jianbin bringing more high-quality works to everyone , and also look forward to a brighter future for Yimeng Trader.

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