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Established in 2005, Yimeng Co., Ltd. is a securities information service company in China. It provides customers with three major businesses: securities assistance decision-making software, investor education, and investment consultants. Tencent is the company's second largest shareholder.

Company Introduction

息服务企业, 为客户提供证券辅助决策软件、投资者教育、投资顾问三大业务,致力于提高用户获利能力。 Established in 2005, Yimeng Co., Ltd. is a securities information service company in China . It provides customers with three major businesses: securities assistance decision-making software, investor education, and investment consultants. Tencent is the company's second largest shareholder.

Company: Yimeng Co., Ltd.

Foreign name: E-Money Holding Co., Ltd.

Headquarters Location: Shanghai

Founded: 2005

Business Scope: Securities investment consulting, computer software development, design, production, sales of self-produced products

Company Nature: Joint Stock Company

Company slogan: Be a Trusted Investment Advisor

Company Profile

15年7月挂牌新三板(股票代码832950),注册资金4.43亿元人民币, 深圳市腾讯计算机系统有限公司 持股19.12%,为公司第二大股东。 Yimeng Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, was listed on the New Third Board (stock code 832950) in July 2015, with a registered capital of 443 million yuan. Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. holds 19.12% of the company's shares, making it the second largest shareholder.

The company's vision is to be a trusted investment advisory company, and it provides intelligent investment strategies for individual investors through financial big data and original algorithms . 年被评为国家规划布局内重点软件企业,2007-2015被评为“上海市高新技术企业”, 2013年“益盟操盘手”获称上海市著名商标。 2011-2015 was named as a key software company in the national planning layout, 2007-2015 was named "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise", and in 2013 "Yimeng Trader" was named a famous trademark in Shanghai.


company's product

"Yimeng Trader" series of securities auxiliary decision-making software

Yimeng Trader Zhiying

Yimeng Trader Zhiying Master

Yimeng Trader Leading Agency Edition

Yimeng Trader Decision Edition

Yimeng Trader Decision Enhanced Edition

Mobile APP

Yimeng Trader (Zhiying Edition) APP

Yimeng Trader Classic Edition APP

Yimeng Trader Enhanced Edition APP

Investor education

年益盟成立投资教育培训中心,致力于提升用户的投资能力。 In 2015 , Yimeng established an investment education and training center, which is committed to improving the investment ability of users. Combat System 3.0-Required Course for Building a Profit System

Investment Advisor

The Yimeng investment advisory service platform aims to help users find investment methods that fit their style, and integrates decision-making, interactive communication, and learning to grow, and defines new concepts for investment and consultation.

Saatchi & Fortune PLUS

Preferred Stock Membership

Winning combination

In the line

Quantitative optimization

Super Growth Stocks

Theme game

、发展历程 3. Development history

年,年在线培训用户数达4200万人次。 In 2017 , the number of online training users reached 42 million.

年,益盟投资教育培训中心成立,年在线培训用户数达2000万人次。 In 2015 , Yimeng Investment Education and Training Center was established, and the number of online training users reached 20 million.

年,成功挂牌新三板。 In 2015 , the new third board was successfully listed. The company issued a private placement, and Tencent increased its capital in the same proportion to maintain the company's second largest shareholder status, holding 19.12% of the shares.

年,移动端注册用户数超1000万。 In 2012 , the number of registered mobile users exceeded 10 million.

年,首次与腾讯达成战略投资合作,腾讯注资3.8亿元,创下了腾讯2011年国内大投资和证券服务领域大投资的双记录。 In 2011 , for the first time, it reached a strategic investment cooperation with Tencent. Tencent invested 380 million yuan, setting a double record for Tencent's large domestic investment and securities services in 2011.

年,付费用户续约率达90%。 In 2008 , the renewal rate of paying users reached 90%.

年,付费用户数突破30万。 In 2007 , the number of paying users exceeded 300,000.

年,公司成立。 In 2005 , the company was established.

年,益盟操盘手创立。 In 2002 , Yimeng Trader was founded.


、分支机构 4. Branches

Yimeng Shanghai Headquarters: Yimeng shares in Buildings B3 and B4, No. 8-11, Wangu Science Park, Lane 1688, Guoquan North Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai

Beijing Branch: Room 303, Building 6, Norder Center Phase 2, 128 South Fourth Ring Road, Fengtai District

Guangdong Branch: Room 2201, Room 2206, Tower A, Victoria Plaza, 103 Tiyu West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Shenzhen Branch: Room 2805, Block C, Phase II, Tianli Central Business Plaza, Hyde Road, Nanshan Central District

Zhejiang Branch: 6th Floor, Building 3, Greenland Central Plaza, 100 Daguan Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

Anhui Branch: Units 508 and 1103, Block C, Xinhua International Plaza, 320 Qianshan Road, Shushan District, Hefei, Anhui Province

Liaoning Branch: Room 1011, Diwang International Building, No. 21-1 Wenyi Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang

Sichuan Branch: No. 1909, 19th Floor, No. 6 Times, No. 6, Yongquan Section, East Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu


、公司优势 5.Company advantages

Holding the securities investment consulting license issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, it is an authorized information service provider for the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Financial Futures Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and related peripheral securities markets.

Is an excellent information provider of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It has been awarded the title of Shanghai Star Software Enterprise and Star Software Product for 6 consecutive years, and has received high-level AAA evaluation of corporate credit.


、公司荣誉 6 , company honor

年8月,入选中国金融峰会“8.18绿色金融日会员单位”。 In August 2018 , he was selected as a "8.18 Green Finance Day Member Unit" at the China Financial Summit.

年3月,荣获凤凰网“2017年度佳证券投资顾问”。 In March 2018 , won the "2017 Best Securities Investment Consultant" by Phoenix Network.

年11月,荣获上海证券交易所颁发的“佳信息商”、“安全运行商”、“优秀合作伙伴”奖。 In November 2017, it was awarded the "Best Information Provider", "Security Operator" and "Excellent Partner" awards issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

年3月,荣登《互联网周刊》和eNet研究院联合发布的“中国人工智能企业Top100”企业。 In March 2017, it was listed in the "China Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Enterprise" jointly released by Internet Weekly and eNet Research Institute.

年9月,荣获“新三板在线”主办的“后分层时代2016新三板峰会暨金号角颁奖盛典”的“2016年度十大品牌新三板公司”奖。 In September 2016, it won the "2016 Top Ten Brand New Third Board Companies" award in the "Post-Layered Era 2016 New Third Board Summit and Golden Horn Awards Ceremony" hosted by "New Third Board Online".

年7月,荣获2016上海国际信息消费节“佳创新奖”,“优秀企业奖”;“益盟操盘手”APP成功入选“上海市信息消费应用推荐榜”商务服务类。 In July 2016, it was awarded the “Best Innovation Award” and “Excellent Enterprise Award” at the 2016 Shanghai International Information Consumption Festival; the “Yimeng Trader” app was successfully selected into the “Shanghai Information Consumption Application Recommendation List” business service category.

年,斩获腾讯证券主办的“受投资者认可十大投顾机构”第一名。 In 2016 , it won the first place in the "Top Ten Investment and Advisory Institutions Recognized by Investors" hosted by Tencent Securities.

年,荣获人民网上海颁发的“2015上海优秀互联网企业”称号。 In 2016 , it was awarded the title of "2015 Shanghai Outstanding Internet Enterprise" by People's Online.

年,荣获“上海市五星级诚信创建企业”。 In 2015 , it was awarded the "Shanghai Five-Star Integrity Establishment Enterprise".

年,在“第一财经新三板峰会暨第二届华新奖”成功入围“具行业龙头潜”、“受机构关注公司”两项大奖。 In 2015 , he was shortlisted in two awards, "Leading Industry Leadership" and "Recognized by Companies" at the "First Financial and New Third Board Summit and the Second Huaxin Award".

年,连获上海高新技术企业认定。 From 2007 to 2015 , it was recognized as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise.

年,连续九年蝉联“上海市优秀软件企业”、“明星软件企业”称号。 From 2007 to 2015 , it won the title of "Shanghai Excellent Software Enterprise" and "Star Software Enterprise" for nine consecutive years.

年,《益盟操盘手主力版深度分析决策软件》、《益盟操盘手策略模方量化软件》、《益盟操盘手手机版深度分析决策软件》、《益盟操盘手智赢投资组合软件》等多款金融信息服务产品被评为“上海市优秀软件产品”。 2012-2015 , "Yimeng Trader's main version of in-depth analysis and decision-making software", "Yimeng Trader's strategy model quantification software", "Yimeng's mobile version of in-depth analysis and decision-making software", "Yimeng Trader's Wise Portfolio Software" and other financial services The information service product was rated as "Shanghai Outstanding Software Product".

年-2015年,连获上海市规划布局内重点软件企业。 From 2011 to 2015, it was successively awarded the key software enterprises in Shanghai's planning layout.

年,董事长/总经理曾山先生获评“上海市优秀软件企业家”。 In 2014 , Mr. Zeng Shan, the chairman / general manager, was awarded "Shanghai Outstanding Software Entrepreneur".

年,认定为上海市著名商标及上海名牌。 In 2013 , it was recognized as a Shanghai Famous Brand and Shanghai Famous Brand.

年,获评上海市创新型企业。 In 2012 , he was rated as an innovative enterprise in Shanghai.


、企业文化 7 , corporate culture

Vision: Be a Trusted Investment Advisor

Mission: Improve user profitability

Business philosophy: user first

Values: Dedication, Dedication, Openness and Optimism


、企业公益 8.Corporate public welfare

The Rainbow Special Care Program for Special Children is set up by Yimeng Co., Ltd. in 2007 in cooperation with Shaanxi Province Western Development Foundation, and is committed to caring for the growth of special children.

The company donates 200,000 yuan each year to the "Shanghai Qingcongquan Children's Intelligent Training Center" to help poor children with autism to enter the rehabilitation training center, and names multiple classrooms, renovates and improves school buildings, and has accumulated 200 donations. Yu Wan

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